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High Fantasy


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GYGAX have released the first single from their impending third LP, High Fantasy, set for release on June 21st!

Preorders have also been launched for the new album, including 3 variants of colored vinyl, a digital CD, and some exclusive new merch items as well. Get your copy secured now by heading over to our online store!

Just over a year after the release of their acclaimed “2nd Edition” LP, GYGAX returns with their third, and most triumphant album to date, High Fantasy. The band’s fantastic storylines come blazing to life in the nine brand new tracks on the new LP, which surges with powerful riffs, killer harmonization, and unavoidable hooks from beginning to end. High Fantasy was recorded live in GYGAX’s hometown of Ventura, California, with former guitar player Armand Tambouris at the helm. As with their prior album, the High Fantasy artwork was completed by Fares Maese.


released June 21, 2019

Mixed, mastered and engineered by Armand John Anthony at The Captain's Quarters in Ventura, Ca.
All songs written and recorded by GYGAX


all rights reserved



GYGAX Ventura, California


Eric (Cleric)- Bass, Vocals
Bryant (Fighter)- Guitar
Mucho (Shaman)- Drums

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Track Name: Light Bender
Coal coat, six footed strides
Manipulator of the visible light
I am not man
Cobalt menace with a violent smile
Ferocity of the primal wild
I am more than

I am illusionist and hunter
Where there are two of me, more of you will surely suffer

Vicious bestial grin
Undulating limbs
To rend
Apex predator prowls the night
Hulking brute of adumbral might
I am more than

Two by two in rows
I’m on you baby… comin’ straight for the throat
From the fey we’ve come
To serve the greater hunt
Track Name: Hide Mind
Mother dark please guide to guarded secrets
Bladed brothers, mark your targets well
Father night allow us to be shapes among the shadows
Sister silence, keep us quiet, all to hide us, from their prying eyes

Soundless, shaded, set the bait and
Ready for the strike
Sink the blade in, slink away then
Back into the listless night
We demand unflinching hands
A vorpal mind
Our guild will ever thrive through time
We move as one

Lay low
We’re everything that you don’t know
Stay low
As above and so below
Lay low
Through furtive channels, power flows
Stay low

Trust in your instinct, faith is your knife
We do not need our vision
To see the truths you would belie
So don't lie….
Cause we know
And we’ll find
We move as one
Track Name: Mage Lust
Tell me of your ancient sorcery
Of the whispered word and secrecy
Forever I have always longed
To wield the power of the gods

Mage lust, a hunger grown
From dust and rotting bone
Phylactery keep me from dying
So that I might consume the light
Track Name: Mirror Image
Never met a mirror image that I didn't despise
For all the asymmetric imperfections therein lie
They lack with a jealous zeal
Hard facts rarely garner appeal
And just the same, I’ve never known a fool for being wise

Don't get it started while being so broken hearted, love
Conjure your image with confidence
Just cast and shape it in absence of any hatred, ‘cause
In time it will come

Ever the effervescent gestures of our kind
End up in being just another million broken lives
Step back, none of this is real
Stand firm and resolve to heal
I know you hear me and this time you won't deny my cries
Track Name: Acquisition, Magnus Canis
*unprotected sax*
Track Name: Spell Shaker
Blessed by your fire
I get so lost in your crystalline eyes
Bewitching baby
Sweet arcane lady
Ephemeral delight
Dancing in the lights

I gotta tell you now
You got me in a hold
Stuck on contingency
Sword and sorcery
Couldn’t ever keep
Me from chasing dreams

Enchanted by potentiality
Prepared to give the days away
The breath of life lies gently on your name
I'd follow you into your grave

I will always be
Anything you need
You just need but speak
Give your love to me
Track Name: Something So Familiar
Raise up to the good times, girl
We're runnin’ low on time
I want our lust
To last throughout this night
But as we lay our bodies down upon the furs and hides
You cried out in terror as the bed consumed your life

Concealed in the lightless tomb
And creeping towards the shine
The glint of those golden coins has surely caught my eye
But as I open up the chest it's teeth are sharp as knives
Hindsight is looking good right now, curse my greedy mind

Beware of the things you want, cause they might want you more, a killer likeness to the core
I'd advise to question everything you've ever known, or else you might end up devoured by the door
Track Name: The Eyes Have It
The fire, the fear, the charm in your eyes
Speech so deep could leave you paralyzed
Monstrous hatred, perniciously vile
Aberrant tyrant ain’t for bein’ kind
So much to kill and so little time

I wonder about the split in your mind
The manner of creation begetting your line
Marvelous wonder with a deathly smile
Aberrant tyrant ain’t for bein’ kind
So much to kill and so little time

None who stand before them had a chance
Leave before your flesh begins to melt
Eyes are everywhere inside your mind
Extinction of the lesser kinds

Woe, Great Mother
We're all prey
In the eyes of the beholder, baby
It’s growin’ colder baby, under these rays
Track Name: High Fantasy
We stand before an ancient thing
The sand now coils at our feet
Breaching the skeins of the predators, so powerfully weak, so to speak
They hold the truth that we seek

A flare explodes in blinding light
The air sparks heat amidst the fight of our lives
Terrain erodes as we hold onto to what we can keep, so to speak
And our truth is in reach

Skies splintering
Eyes opening
Lives flourishing
High fantasy

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