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released January 22, 2016


all rights reserved



GYGAX Ventura, California


Eric (Cleric)- Bass, Vocals
Bryant (Fighter)- Guitar
Mucho (Shaman)- Drums

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Track Name: Lesser Magick
How the mind of a man
Can be swayed by the slight of hand
Never once realized
Witchery within the mind

Do not pay any heed
To these blurring hands
There is nothing real
In these shifting sands
Magick all abound
Of a lesser kind
Only as you seek
Will you surely find

Will you surely find
Hints of hidden signs
Power from inside

Rituals to divine
Mesmerizing the passage of time
With sciamachy
Evoking the illusionary
Track Name: World Breaker
In a rumored whisper from past days
The world was said to burn in a fiery and sundering rage
No mountain prisons could withhold
Our doom broke loose, we saw the wings of dreaded fear unfold

World breaker, come to deliver the final touch
Beast fire, breath of flame bellowed a billowing gush
Conqueror, first of it’s kind heralds the last of us
World breaker, end of days

As the fanning flames now kiss the sky
The death incarnate one begins to close it’s tired eyes
And as it spins, this planet burns
A new made nesting place for the next extinction to occur
Track Name: Draw Breath
Day to day, disguising lives. Living a lie behind jealous eyes.
Can’t stay away, won’t fall behind, mustn’t accede to the fears and the fires

Ohhh, when there’s nothing left (draw breath, draw breath, draw breath)
Many miles yet to tread in the gloaming expanse (draw breath, draw breath, draw breath)
When all feeling has fled (draw breath, draw breath, draw breath)
Lest we fall, we must all look within and draw…

Recall the glory of the mornings rise
The birth of memories to blossom inside
Elated to feel, excited to find
Enamored and charged with renewed spark of life
Track Name: The Rope of Shadow
I was born with a wolf’s desire
With a serpent’s tongue and a darkened heart
I have risen to ranks of wisdom
As the silent hand of the shaded one

Messenger and wanderer of worlds
Harbinger, heralding death’s knell

I am aide to the Lord Of Shadow
Friend to hounds, the assassin saint
Rifting portals lend me succor
Instruments of death shall I create

Son of silence, sent to sunder some
Buried blades in a blink and then it’s done

Go and summon your warrens of magick
Do not hope for defense to sustain
There have been many others before you
Greater ones who by my hands were slain

Messenger and wanderer of worlds
Harbinger, heralding hood’s knell
Son of silence, sent to sunder some
Buried blades in a blink and then it’s….. done
Track Name: Chain Lightning
White hot tails coruscate in jagged waves
Raucous thunder clap resounding through the space
‘Take no prisoners’ was the message from the mage
All are guilty here for their slight they must be made to pay

Felled foes
Brought low
Death toll
Fed crows
Shackled to your banded brethren
Sharing in the same demise
A lightning fork between the eyes

Elemental wounds lacerate the face
Stench of smoldering flesh wafting from the pate
Now our work is done as the message here was heard
Be forewarned before uttering your next ill curse

Track Name: Demons
Beings of foul desire
Legends so dour and dire
Beyond abysmal mire
Wrath of a thousand fires

A warlock seeks ascendancy
Dominion over one and all
A demon wishes to be free
A bargaining to bring about the fall

Request for power
Demand of wealth
A gift of knowledge
In exchange for material realms
Three wishes granted
The gate unlocks
With new attainment
Comes the curse of knowing all is lost

The evil ones have been set free
The spell caster was made to watch
As rivers of molten gold and fire
Now cut across the land in deathly swaths

Betrayal comes so naturally
To demons from across the void
It’s folly to believe these things
And more to open up the door
Track Name: Liliana
Forlorn, forgotten and forsaken
The moors and swamps emit despair
The pitch vale of the dark realms whisper of plague and sedition
Evil swells in the deepest wells staining the land

Life! For! Our! Liege! Swift victory, glory to Liliana!
Die! For! The! Queen! Deaths royalty, all hail Liliana!

Glinting scales illuminate from the torchlight glow
Shades and souls hunt from down below, born of the shadow
Demons rise from the portals provided by spells
Avatars of the darkest arts guard her chain veil

Her last kiss carries megrim and extirpation
Her caress is of duress, distress and doom
The dead and dying are residing in her legions of sprawling corruption
Necromantic empress inspires command!
Track Name: The Hunter's Heart
Brought up by the matron, Malice
Holding onto sympathies
Understandings of our history
Are the very things that shape our fates

All around these city walls
The people speak their rhetoric of hate
Resolute to his resolve
His heart reserves no time to castigate
Or strike them down, for he believes in the better of all kind
His fight is fury, he walks in light

Malice from concealed conspiracy
Hunted down by where he came
Overcoming every hardship
Offered him a finer way

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